Things I LearnedDuring My

As a Summer HR Intern for Govig & Associates, I learned the traditional and technical skills needed for internal recruiting such as phone and resume screening, interviewing, and using an applicant tracking system. More importantly, I’m pleasantly surprised to say I learned a great deal about myself both professionally and personally.


  1. A Resume is your first impression – make it count!

Learning how to screen resumes has confirmed that the “Six Second Rule,” the amount of time recruiters actually look at a resume, is definitely accurate. For better or worse, I’ve realized that a one-page document is sometimes all you get to make yourself stand out. Snap judgments often occur based on your employment dates and education alone.


  1. How to escape my comfort zone

For the first few weeks of my internship, the idea of conducting an independent phone screen was very intimidating. While reading a script and asking questions about a candidate’s job history seems simple, I initially resisted the opportunity to do so. Finally, when my manager asked if I could conduct a phone screen for her, I decided I was ready.  And of course, the preceding anticipation and anxiety was much scarier than the interview itself.


  1. Asking for help is okay & always beneficial

Each time I struggled with a screening a resume or conducting a phone interview, my managers happily gave me feedback, even going so far as to listen to my recorded calls and reviewing them with me. As a result, I feel that I’ve exponentially grown in my ability to efficiently and effectively screen candidates.


  1. My voice matters (even as an intern!)

I constantly felt like I had a say in various aspects of my day, what projects I wanted to work on, the internship experience itself, and even some larger company decisions – something many interns would not be able to say! For example, when I expressed interest in learning more about social media, my manager provided me with the resources and permissions to get involved with the company’s output and messaging.


  1. Govig & Associates encourages and inspires professional development

I’ve had the opportunity to attend seminars and focus meetings on topics ranging from the components of the HR process to negotiation and sales tactics, while also learning about wealth management and healthy living. It’s exciting to be working in an environment that inspires individual growth.


  1. An effective and involved manager makes all the difference

As an HR intern, I worked under not just one, but two managers who personally cared for my well-being and personal development. Our bi-weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss my progress and goals have become one of my favorite parts of the internship. After having this experience, I hope to continue cultivating similar open relationships with my future managers.


  1. Know when to speak up and when to listen

Listening is a skill that is both difficult to master, and consequently, not often practiced. I learned about the power of listening through an organized seminar on the topic, and more importantly, through my office relationships. When I restrained my knee-jerk reaction to share my thoughts and opinions when I didn’t agree with someone, my interactions went more smoothly (shocking!), and I was able to learn more about my coworkers and their interests.


  1. Time management

My managers at Govig provided me with a great deal of autonomy that cultivated my time management skills, and ultimately taught me how and when I work best. I was given projects to work on, as well as sufficient direction, but also had complete freedom to schedule my days in a personally efficient way.


  1. Take time for personal development and improvement

One of my favorite aspects of the internship was the structured reading plan. The books ranged in content from the best practices of Google’s HR team to the most effective methods to manage your money. Reading these texts reminded me how important it is to constantly be improving, learning and bettering yourself.


  1. It’s okay to trust your employees

My favorite part of interning at Govig has been the trust and freedom I’ve been allowed on a daily basis. Being treated like a valued and capable employee increased my desire to produce truly great results for my team, and ultimately presented itself as one of the outstanding aspects of the company.


Written by: Brittany Ater, HR Summer Intern