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The Importance of Employee Morale

By: Natalie Krafft

Cultivating positive morale among your employees is one of the most important things an employer can do. Providing incentives and taking the proper steps to make sure your employees are happy in their roles can lead to decreased turnover and increased satisfaction in the workplace.

Here at Govig, we hold many events and activities to provide our employees with a fun work environment. In fact, we’re celebrating one our favorite holidays today…. HALLOWEEN! Our office is notorious for throwing our annual Halloween costume party. Each of our divisions coordinate their costumes to a theme and decorate their pods accordingly. We then hold a costume contest, giving out awards for various categories (scariest, funniest, etc). It’s our favorite time of the year and an easy way to boost spirits, have some fun, and get to know our fellow team members. We will of course be posting pictures during our event so everyone can see what we’re talking about—stay tuned for those.

But that’s just one example of what we do to have fun around here. Throughout the year, we offer much more for our employees. We also reward our employees with an annual incentive trip—recruiters who reach a certain standard are rewarded with a group trip to an exciting destination. Last year, we took the group to Santa Monica, CA to ride some rollercoasters and relax for a few days. This trip encourages our staff to work hard to hit their numbers and also allows the Govig team to enjoy a nice trip to celebrate our success.

At Govig, we offer our employees more than just fun to engage them, too. We also offer educational presentations on various topics here in the office. We have health and wellness seminars every quarter where we’ve learned about healthy eating habits, nutritional supplements, and much more. We’ve had CPR training too! We hold a career development series once a month for our interns and recent college grads, as well. Here, we teach things such as proper business dinner etiquette, continuing education after graduation, and the basics of wealth management. And of course, we also host catered lunches and have a happy hour every once in a while too.

Just by implementing a few different events to engage your employees, you can really make a difference in your company’s performance and growth. If employees feel appreciated and see that their management is truly trying to invest in their happiness and future, they will feel more satisfied in their position and perform better. We’ve talked a little bit about encouraging a fun work environment in one of our previous posts, but we really wanted to emphasize just how much of a difference it can make.

We would love to get in contact with anyone who may need any advice or more tips to boost their employee morale. Reach out to us today! GovigU, our consulting branch, specializes in leadership development and talent management. #GovigOrGoHome