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How To Be A Recruiting Superhero


By: Dustin Williams

Here at Govig & Associates, our conference rooms are known as “The Batcave” and “Metropolis”. The images above are what we see in almost every one of our meetings. Although they’re a great talking point for people walking in the door for the first time (and convinced me that I absolutely HAD to work here), they also serve as a reminder of what it takes to be successful in the recruiting industry. Here’s some of what you can learn from these Superheroes.


Batman: The Dark Knight, also known as the World’s Greatest Detective, is a master strategist. He defeats his enemies with his intelligent use of gadgets and by being better prepared than his foes. When you have to play detective for that perfect candidate, how can you channel your inner Batman?
First off, get to know all of the tools in your Utility Belt. Learn as much as you can about LinkedIn, your internal ATS, and searching. Knowing how to find the right profile is half of the battle. Next, be well-prepared by setting aside time to catch up with industry trends and prepare yourself for the next day’s work. Going into a conversation armed with better information will set your message apart.


Superman: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a catchphrase you’ve heard a hundred times! Superman has been around for quite some time, and yet is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Why does his character create such a lasting impression? Aside from saving the day, he acts as a symbol for goodness, hope and integrity. That’s why he fights in the daylight and doesn’t wear a mask.
When you’re working with candidates, try to emulate Superman by displaying the same integrity. Be honest and upfront about expectations, follow up when you say you will (even if it’s with bad news) and make sure you’re focused on what’s best for everyone involved – rather than that placement fee. When you do that, candidates will trust you to be their recruiter throughout their career and you will see more referrals from them.


Green Lantern: A member of an intergalactic team, this hero fights using his ingenuity and conviction. The more creative he is in creating constructs with his ring and the harder he believes in them, the more effective he is. However, continuous use will run him out of power and he’ll need to recharge.
How do you make your team more like the Green Lantern Corps? Don’t be afraid to try new things and get creative with your solutions to problems. Have the conviction to push through that difficult search or pick up the phone AGAIN after leaving 50+ voicemails. Lastly, realize that you also need to recharge on occasion and don’t let your work-life balance fall by the wayside.


If you’re in the job market or looking to fill a difficult position and want to have a team of superheroes fighting for you, consider having Govig and Associates be a part of your next search. Thanks for reading!