Amanda Schwab

Amanda Schwab

Executive Recruiter
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Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Amanda made a “spur of the moment” decision move to Tempe, Arizona in July of 2015. She was the Administrative Assistant to the owner of multiple Nutrishop stores – both in California and Arizona – and came here to take over the Chandler location. She enjoyed spending time in the industry getting to learn about supplements and nutrition, developing relationships with her customers, and ultimately, helping people reach their fitness goals. Over the three years with Nutrishop, however, she recognized that her skills were better utilized with the “operations” side of the job, and not so much the sales side.

In April of 2016, Amanda was blessed with the opportunity to come to work at Govig. She is the Project Coordinator for a team within the Healthcare division led by Neil Hefta – an experienced and outgoing Business Developer – and Stojce Milosevski – an incredibly talented Executive Recruiter. Since she started at Govig, she claims to be the happiest she has ever been in a place of employment, and owes it all to the amazing people she is surrounded by. Her passions include music, her small church in Tempe, and her family. She enjoys cooking, playing or listening to music, and spending time with her family (when they’re in town or vice versa).

She is notorious for singing along to whatever music is playing in the office without realizing it.

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