Why Candidates Choose Govig

When we asked candidates why they work with Govig consultants the top three reasons were:

1. Well established: Govig has been in business for more than 30 yrs.

2. High level of integrity: Govig works in best interest of their candidates.

3. Access to the best opportunities: Strong relationships allow Govig consultants to know not only what is currently available, but also what is on the horizon.

Our consultants work in complete confidence and will listen carefully to learn what is important to you. As your trusted advisor, we seek to fully understand your story. When we help you find a new position, it must fit more than just your career goals. There are so many factors that go into making a career decision. With a variety of different positions available, including both permanent and contract, Govig consultants will work to find a position that best matches your life.

We seek to develop a strong relationship with the candidates we work with. This is because relationships are at the core of recruiting. Our more than 30 years of success can be attributed to our ability to forge strong relationships with industry professionals at all stages in their careers.

Whether we have a current position that is of interest or we are working with a newcomer who just needs career advice, we value the people we work with.

Our recruiters are highly specialized in specific market niches. This expertise and narrow focus allows us to provide you with career guidance that is best tailored to your industry and career goals.