Difficult Interview Questions

When asked for weaknesses, it is not unusual to hesitate or freeze. By planning and preparing your answers, you can respond with confidence.

There are three strategies to consider.

Strategy #1 – The Positive Weakness

With this strategy, you are stating a weakness that can actually be viewed as a strength. For example:

  • Positive Weakness: I always give 110% to whatever project I’m working on, so I tend to get frustrated when other members of the team don’t pull their weight. I’m working hard to lead by example rather than express my frustration openly.

Strategy #2 – Former Weakness

With this strategy, you are stating a weakness, but then explaining that you have corrected the behavior and you have learned from the experience. Also explain how this has impacted your current work style. For example:

  • Former Weakness: When I started in sales, I tended to overbook appointments. Then I realized I wasn’t devoting enough time to each person. Since then, I’ve learned not to schedule more than I can handle effectively.

Strategy #3 – Sandwich Method

Sandwich the negative between two positive statements. For example, if an employer points out that you have not used a specific software program, you may respond using the sandwich method. For example:

Positive: I’m proficient with several software programs and
Negative: … even though I haven’t used “X”,
Positive: I am confident that I can pick it up quickly and would be more than willing to do what it takes to get up to speed.