Choose The Right Search Option

Since 1978, our client companies have leveraged Govig & Associates to identify professionals to fill their key positions.

Depending on the complexity and urgency of the search, there are two main options to choose from: Comprehensive or Select.

Comprehensive Search includes either a Performance Based Retainer or Contingency.

Performance Based Retainer

The Performance Based Retainer is often selected for a search with a high degree of urgency and is typical when a vacancy is costing money every day the position remains open.

For this proactive campaign, your Govig recruiter will clear his or her desk and implement a no-stone-left unturned strategic search process. This option may also include a project team as well.

The key objective is to provide a short list of three to five qualified candidates within a specified period of time, depending on the complexities of the search.

Fully guaranteed, a portion of the service fee is due at the beginning of the assignment, with the remainder due upon its successful completion.

Comprehensive Contingency

The comprehensive Contingency Search is often selected for positions that are not critically urgent in nature, or to identify a particular skill set or profile on an ongoing basis. Fully guaranteed, the service fee is due only if a candidate referred to you by Govig is hired.

Select Search

For customized hiring alternatives to address specific circumstances, we offer several solutions under Select Search, which allows you to choose one or more of the components described in Comprehensive Search.

A few examples of Select Search:

  • Target Marketing may be the right solution for those clients who have identified a professional or group of professionals through their own resources but may not be in a position to secure those individuals for a variety of reasons.

    In this example, Govig will work to develop a complete assessment of the specific needs, objectives, and culture in order to properly market the opportunity. In addition, Govig will also secure the candidate(s) that have already been targeted, if requested by the client.

  • Candidate Acquisition could be an ideal solution for a company that has a qualified candidate already interested in a specific position. Govig will facilitate the important steps in the recruitment process from initial interview through offer and transition. Services also include salary negotiation, analysis of benefits, relocation assistance, the counter offer, transitioning, and on boarding.
  • Selection Process is a great option for clients that have a large pool of potential candidates and piles of resumes to sift through to identify top choices. This can be especially useful for technical roles or those that require a narrow set of skills and specifications.

    Services include researching and screening resumes, selecting those that not only best match the criteria, but that demonstrate the necessary skills, background, and track record. The objective is to identify the top five candidates to move forward to the first step in the interview process.

  • Qualification Process is a good choice for clients that would like to make sure the individual they have selected for their position is indeed the right fit.

    In this situation, Govig will conduct additional targeted references and/or background checks, customized assessments, and skills testing.

  • Training Hiring Managers is a service frequently requested by our clients. The average manager interviews and hires only a few times a year. At Govig & Associates, our consultants interview and qualify literally hundreds of candidates each month.

    To help ensure your hiring team has the tools and skills to successfully attract top talent; Govig offers workshops and seminars on effective interviewing strategies, on boarding, and retention.

  • Designing the Hiring Process is another popular offering at Govig, developed to assist clients with their own internal hiring process. A customized, proven methodology for effective hiring can reduce time to fill and decrease cost per hire.
  • RPO may be the best option for clients that wish to combine one or more of the above features. We recommend exploring our cost effective RPO for more information.

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