Employee Offer & Recruitment Process

Our offer is two-fold: speed and knowledge.

We provide a significant return on investment for our clients by identifying top talent quickly through ongoing relationships and navigating a successful hiring process.

The design and thoroughness of our structure provides candidates access to the right career opportunities and client companies to make better hiring decisions. Each step of the proven recruitment process is important for the success of the right match for everyone.

The relationships that Govig team members have built with candidates since 1978 have allowed us to literally take the “search” out of the recruitment process. Why? We know who wants to make a change, where and when and why candidates are looking, and what candidates need in order to make that change.

It Begins with Research and Design

The first step is to assemble a research team to design the recruitment process, taking into account the culture of the company and the complexity and urgency of the search. The objective is to identify the right background, skills and experience quickly and efficiently.

Connecting with our Candidate Network

Although we consider the many professionals in our extensive network that are actively considering a career change, we devote a significant amount of time speaking to people who are passively listening for just the right opportunity. The purpose is to consider all talent and not just the talent actively looking for employment at any given time.

After thoroughly interviewing a select group of candidates, Govig recruiters will evaluate their qualifications against the company’s comprehensive profile and objectives.

Assuming the objectives of the candidates and companies match, Govig will present the opportunity to this select group to promote your company and increase brand identity.

Govig will continue to further screen and assess this group of candidates to ensure that the short list includes only those best suited for the position

What’s next?

Govig recruiters will arrange interviews and facilitate communication regarding salary, benefits, relocation and any other concerns that may arise during the recruitment process.

Final Steps

We will work closely with the professional you have selected to assist through the offer, resignation, counter-offer, transition, and on boarding stage. The right match for all concerned is critical.

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