In 2014 Govig Healthcare Group became acutely aware of the changing demographics, technologies, and transparency of the senior housing industry. These changes, among others, have contributed to the current talent shortage the industry has faced over the past eighteen months and will continue to face in the future.

In an effort to provide the industry and our clients with solutions we have broadened our services to include:

  1. Employment Branding – The process of benchmarking your organization in the market place to attract future talent.

  2. Talent Management Strategies (TMS) – The process for talent management, development and succession planning. TMS are designed to transform the organization by increasing commitment and capabilities of existing staff while identifying performance gaps for the future.

  3. Recruiting Process – The recruiting process is a search strategy to identify skills, competencies, and the future potential of candidates. In addition, the strategy will assess the cultural match of each candidate by measuring them against the character traits for success within the organization to find the right match.

  4. Culture – Culture is the invisible framework inside an organization that determines how people live in relationships with one another. We provide education on how to build a culture of honor and connection.

Govig Healthcare Group has been in business since 1988. We work nationwide and our recruiters have an average tenure of 7.8 years. We are a division of Govig and Associates, a family owned business started in 1978.