BioPharma Bitez: AstraZeneca, Biogen, and more!

Happy Friday everybody, welcome to this week’s episode of “BioPharma Bitez,” the top news of the industry, as well as one interesting story outside of it.

So, to kick it off, Bain Capital announced this week they’re going to back a start-up called “Cerevel” which is a neuroscience-based pipeline that Pfizer have previously passed on. AstraZeneca will be paying at least 242 million for the right to innate for must immune checkpoint inhibitor. 

Castle Creek only has one product in phase two trials, but the data came back as “a failure,” but they will continue forward with phase three anyways. 

Biogen and Eisai are fighting back against claims that their data has been skewed for their Alzheimer’s product this week. 

Also, Abbvie has purchased Galapagos’ “cystic fibrosis” pipeline, which the data showed that it was actually “fairly weak.” So, we will see how that pans out.

Now, looking at an interesting story outside of the industry. NASA’s “Parker Solar Probe,” which is on its way to the sun currently for a six plus year mission shot back up over this week of the earth and the stars all around it. It is very interesting to look at so, take a look at that online.

Thanks again for tuning in this week and I am looking forward to seeing you next week on the next episode of “BioPharma Bitez.”