BioPharma Bitez: Novartis, Takeda and more!

Happy Friday everybody, welcome to this week’s edition of “BioPharma Bitez.” The tops news in the industry as well as one story outside of it. So, obviously, J.P. Morgan was this week, so, some of the stories that came out of that:

Eli Lilly has bought Loxo for 8 billion dollars this week.

Novartis has gotten breakthrough sets for its new sickle cell drug which is being touted as a new potential blockbuster product for them.

Takeda has finalized their merger with Shire this week as well.

Denali has partnered with Sirion to use their AAV vectors to get their CNS drugs past the blood-brain barrier this week.

Pearl Huang, SVP of therapeutic modalities at Roche, joined on as the CEO of Cygnal Therapeutics. And what they do is specialize in peripheral nervous system disorders and using the mechanisms behind that as well. So, it’s a new company coming out.

So, one of the fun facts is that scientists discovered blue pigment in the jaw of a woman from the Middle Ages which actually indicates that women back in villages were taught how to read and write and transcribe and illustrate art and works. And so, previously they thought they didn’t have that kind of teaching, but, they actually were taught that. So, it’s an exciting time for them and in that space. So, thanks for tuning in this week for another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.” I look forward to seeing you all next week on another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.”