BioPharma Bitez: Celgene, CRISPR, Editas and more!

Welcome back everybody to another edition of “BioPharma Bitez,” the top news in the industry as well as one story outside of it. And stick around to for a new segment that I have added on.

So, to kick it off this week, Celgene continues their deal-making campaign with Kyn and Obsidian therapeutics this week, after recently being acquired by BMS they have a little extra cash to get some new licensing and partnering deals out.

CRISPR Therapeutics made their partnership this week with ProBioGen for a new in vivo for their CRISPR technologies this week.

Editas CEO and founder makes an exit this week, and we are waiting to get more details, but, know that it is in the news.

Alexander Hardy has moved out of Switzerland and back up to South San Francisco to head up Genentech this week.

And the FDA has hit Translate Bio gets with a clinical hold for there mRNA product this week.

Now, one fun fact outside of the industry this week, is that the Apollo 14 mission brought back a bunch of rocks with their mission. But one of the rocks they brought back was a 4 billion-year-old rock from the earth. Speculating that the earth was hit with a major meteor in asteroid after the formation of the moon had sent the rock to the moon. So, it’s an exciting development; it’s the oldest rock that we have found for the earth.

So, a new segment this week is the “hot job of the week.” I am cheating this week as. I have a whole regulatory buildout I am working on this week from a variety of levels from “Manager” to “Senior Director” so, feel free to share this around to anybody you know that is in regulatory affairs that maybe is a generalist, is in strategy, or is also a specialist in CMC. I am happy to connect with them.

So, thanks again for tuning in everybody, I hope to see you all next week for another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.”