BioPharma Bitez: AstraZeneca, Axovant, and more!

Welcome back everybody to another edition of “BioPharma Bitez,” the top news in the industry as well as one story outside of it.

So, to kick things off this week, AbbVie has boosted its, “multiple myeloma” program with a new million dollar in “teneobio” who specializes in heavy chain antibodies.

We then take it over to Gilead who’s in phase three trails for a nash product that turned out to be a flop this week with the endpoint data actually being less than some of the control group.

We then look at J&J who’s gotten approval from the FDA for the new/old depression product called “ketamine” even after it submitted a flawed application this past year.

AstraZeneca has officially gotten rid of the MedImmune name this week in the new R&D restructuring that they’ve done.

And, Axovant has created a new CNS entity in Switzerland called “Arabelle Therapeutics,” and they’ve already bought the rights to SK Biopharmaceuticals antiepileptic drug in the EU. So, they’re looking to market that and take a new foothold in the CNS space.

Now, kicking it to a story outside of BioPharma, this week, NASA has officially ended the opportunity, “Mars Rover” program after it went silent back in June of this previous year after a 14 and half year mission have discovered signs of water previously on Mars and different components. We all have to say goodbye to the rover opportunity, who is only expected to survive 90 days and actually made it 14 and a half years. So, that’s one story outside of it.

Now, kicking it over to what I’m working on. So, I am back in the regulatory affairs space this week with a “Director” up to a “Senior Director of RA Strategy” for a biologics product at leading the BLA filing. And I’m also working in the RA CMC space from roles from “Manager” up to “Associate Director” dealing with RA CMC products with combination products and leading BLA components as well. So, if you think of anybody else or if you think anyone would like the information that’s in this video, feel free to share it out. And, I want to thank you all again for tuning in, and I’ll see you all next week for another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.”