Novartis, Teva, Satsuma, and more!

Welcome back everybody, to another edition of “BioPharma Bitez,” the top news in the industry, as well as one story outside of it.

So, to kick things off this week, Novartis has backed Poseida Therapeutics for $142 million for their “BC MA CAR-T” technology, just adding some more R&D to the Novartis group.

Eli Lilly has agreed to sell antibiotics “Ceclor” and “Vanconin” this week to Chinese partner Eddingpharm for $375 million which also includes a manufacturing plant that does make those antibiotics as well.

Teva’s cluster headache treatment “Ajovy” has been pulled this week after a failed futility test. Some bad news for that program that was expected to be ruled out this year.

Satsuma has raised $62 million to formulate a nasal delivery option for an old migraine drug for acute symptoms as compared to most drugs now are for prevention and chronic use.

And then, the Roche-Spark buyout continues, it’s still delayed in regards to more FTC review. Roche is still saying they’re still on schedule but it is being delayed a little longer as they refile with the FTC and they continue their review.

So now, kicking it outside the industry this week, scientists have discovered as quote “the platypus of ancient crabs,” it’s called, “Callichimaera perplexa.” It is a crab that’s completely opposite of what we’re used to seeing. It has giant eyes, fins, crab legs on it too and it’s actually added a new bridge to the evolutionary tree of crabs. So, very interesting find this week in the fossil records.

Going over to my hot job of the week, again, I specialize in regulatory, quality, and manufacturing. So, anybody in those spaces in the BioPharma industry, please feel free to reach out. My contact information is included in the video and on my LinkedIn page. So, reach out, I will let you know what is going on in the market, and I will talk to you all again in another week on “BioPharma Bitez.”