Immunomedics, Incyte, uBiome, and more!

Welcome back everybody to another edition of “BioPharma Bitez,” top news in the industry as well as one outside of it. Hint this week, organs coming from the sky? Possibly!

So, to kick things off this week, Immunomedics has lost its CMO Rob Iannone this week. This comes months after the CEO left as well due to the lead product getting a denial from the FDA as well as some other internal issues they have been facing.

Incyte has stopped supporting its JAK inhibitor olumiant this week. They will continue to receive royalties from Eli Lilly, but they are refusing to do more development on that product.

Charles River Labs has gotten hacked this week by what they call a “well-resourced hacker,” leaking at least 1% of its data has been copied and taken away from Charles River Labs. They’re still investigating.

uBiome has put its founders on leave this week after the FBI has opened an investigation into their billing practices as well as their other funding resources.

The interim CEO John Rocco vows to cooperate with the investigation.

Insys founders and executives are facing decades of jail time this week after being found guilty of racketeering in a federal court this week, so, we’re going to see those developments as well.

So, kicking off to the fun fact that I teased earlier, the University of Maryland Medical Center has completed the first kidney transplant with a kidney delivered via drone. This is a long time coming; they’ve been doing a lot of different testing on that with other payloads besides organs. But, they’ve completed the first successful transplant this week. The goal is to get the organ to the patient faster and make it a more effective transplant. So, good news there. We could see more of that coming up in the future.

So, to kick things off to my hot job of the week. This week I am focusing on the GCP arena of quality. I am working with a lead gene editing company in the Cambridge Massachusetts area who is offering relocation. So, those who are out-of-state they are offering relocation as well from senior manager all the way up to senior director of GCP. This is your opportunity to be the first one in-house to develop and run the GCP department and grow something in your own; his words were “wear multiple hats” which is common in these smaller companies.

So, feel free to get in touch with me and share this video to all that would be interested in using the news or the hot job. My contact info is below and follow me to stay in line with what else is coming out on my feed. So, I look forward to seeing you all again for another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.”