Novartis, BioMarin, Iovance, and more!

Welcome back everybody to another edition of “BioPharma Bitez,” the top news in the industry as well as one story outside of it.

And, this week, can we catch Schrodinger’s cat? Stick around to find out more.

But, to kick things off for the industry this week, Novartis has gotten okay from the FDA for its gene therapy product “Zolgensma” which is a “cure for fatal spinal muscular atrophy patients.” It is being priced at $2.12 million per treatment over the course of five years. So, we are waiting to see if the payers are going to pay that, or what will come of that this week.

BioMarin has also released its data for its phase two product for hemophilia-A to mixed reception, showing it is effective but also the durability and long-term effects of it are still mixed, so, we are waiting to see what the overall response will be from that.

Cara Therapeutics has gotten initial positive phase three data for its only product “Korsuva,” which is used for extreme itching related to hemodialysis. So, promising data there. They still are continuing on phase three clinical trials with that product.

Iovance has announced a new $75 million manufacturing facility based in Philadelphia to be completed by 2021 for its cell therapy products this week.

As well, Turning Point has released positive overall response rate data for its non-small cell lung cancer treatment. There are still concerns about safety because there was a death in those early trails, so, we are waiting to see what comes with that as well — lots of clinical data that came out this week.

Now, kicking it to outside industry. Scientist this week have been able to correctly predict as well as fall and replicate some of the atomic movements at the smallest scale. So, at the same famous story of “Schrodinger’s cat” if you don’t know if it’s dead or alive because it is so unpredictable at the atomic level, scientists are now starting to be able to track and predict that. So, it’s a crazy move in quantum mechanics as well as just physics overall. So, exciting to see that and see what comes of it.

Now, kicking it over to my side of the industry in terms of recruitment, I am working on an exciting Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs role based with a small to mid-sized oncology and hematology company. It’s an opportunity to lead global regulatory strategy, open new markets as well as create it as your own; you don’t have to share with any collaborators or past responsibilities you’ll have that full strategic control. So, very exciting if you think of anyone that would be a great fit for this role, feel free to share this video or my profile.

I look forward to connecting with you all, and I hope to see you all next week for another edition of “BioPharma Bitez.”