A Recent Case Study: CSL Behring Becomes a Global Leader in the Treatment of Rare Diseases

Written by: Mackenzie Skold
Edited by: Melissa Megna

About 20,000 people in the United States are living with hemophilia, a rare bleeding disorder. It is a genetic blood disorder caused by low or nonfunctional proteins called clotting factors in the blood that help to stop bleeding. Hemophilia B is the more rare form of the disorder. The severity of the disease is determined by the amount of functional clotting factor in the blood. The lower the amount of the factor, the more likely bleeding will occur thus increasing the severity of the condition.1 Symptoms can be life-threatening, e.g. spontaneous bleeding, bleeding following injuries or bleeding following surgery.2While the disorder affects all ethnic and racial groups, it almost always occurs in males. Because the faulty gene is located on the X chromosome, it is passed from mother to son; as a result, about 1 in 5,000 males born in the US has hemophilia. However, nearly one-third of the time, babies are born with the disease to families without a history of the mutation.

The main medication treatment for hemophilia B is a concentrated factor IX (FIX) product.1 CSL Behring’s Idelvion® is the only FDA-approved long-acting recombinant factor IX (FIX) product for the treatment of hemophilia B. A single dose effectively treats bleeds providing high and sustained factor IX levels for more than 14 days.3 Idelvion® is indicated in children and adults with hemophilia B (congenital Factor IX deficiency) for:

• On-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes
• Perioperative management of bleeding
• Routine prophylaxis to reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes8

Idelvion® is only one of the many lifesaving therapies that CSL Behring offers for patients suffering from rare and serious disease. CSL is a global biotechnology company with a 100-year history at the forefront of biotherapeutics research and development. CSL scientists use the latest technology to research and develop highly effective plasma-derived and recombinant therapies to treat patients suffering from rare conditions including bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, and other hereditary disorders. This close-knit team is committed to improving health quality for patients suffering from these rare conditions; making a difference one treatment at a time.

CSL Behring has been a world leader in innovative medicines and technologies for the treatment of bleeding or coagulation disorders. Three years ago, CSL made the decision to invest heavily in research and development beyond hemophilia and bleeding disorders, to become a global leader in the treatment of rare disease. It was imperative that they hire the right talent with expertise in rare disease marketing. To implement this new strategy, CLS entered a two-year partnership with Govig & Associates to fill their US staffing needs. Govig is an executive recruitment agency with expertise in the biopharmaceutical industry and a vast network of resources in rare disease marketing.

Govig’s professional team filled 17 positions in 23 months with roles varying from Senior Product Managers and Senior Directors to the Vice President of US Healthcare Systems.

About Govig

Govig & Associates is a national executive recruitment firm that puts people first. Founded in 1978 by two entrepreneurs from rural Iowa, Govig combines small-town business values with sophisticated market knowledge providing a customized solution for clients and candidates. The professional staff offers deep industry expertise, specializing in Bio-Pharma, Building Products, Tax, Construction, and Healthcare as well as placements specific to the Phoenix Market.

Govig recruiters care and strive to get exactly the right match for everyone. They work closely with companies and organizations to understand their philosophy, project needs, and deadlines. Spending time getting to know potential candidates allows recruiters to identify their skills, goals, and values. Through this tailored approach, Govig matches clients with extremely well-suited candidates who fit their company culture.

Communication is key to a successful placement. Realizing that a career move is a life-changing event and the importance of the right fit for the position, Govig recruiters regularly confer with both clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. Building strong and open relationships is the best approach for matching clients with the most capable candidates who will enjoy their work. By investing time and effort into developing long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates, Govig provides a streamlined hiring process placing the highest quality talent.

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