Building Your Personal Brand

Introduction Personal branding is an effective way to establish credibility. By showcasing your separate passions to your audience, recruiters access a larger, more diverse candidate pool. There are around 4.74 billion social media users worldwide, representing 59.3 percent of the global population. With such saturated social media platforms, it has… Read more

Govig & Associates Book Recommendations

The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek Atomic Habits – James Clear Good to Great – Jim Collins Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott Extreme Ownership – Jacko Willink Blue Ocean Strategy – W. Chan Kim New Sales Simplified – Mike Weinberg Sales Management Simplified – Mike Weinberg Sales EQ – Jeb… Read more

A Day in The Life of an Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiting is a misunderstood occupation. So today, we’re giving you a day-in-the-life sneak peek and an exclusive interview with Govig & Associates’ ambitious recruiter, TJ Decker, to highlight the true nature of executive search.  Wednesdays: 5:05 am TJ sets his alarm for 5 am. Yes, you heard that right,… Read more

How Brand Authenticity Attracts Top Talent

In executive recruitment, brand authenticity is becoming an increasingly important moral obligation and tool to attract top talent from your industry. With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up across the nation, more candidates are looking to get back in the office with a company they can trust. The core elements of brand… Read more

We Change Lives Everyday ft. Claudia Harris

Here at Govig, executive recruitment means so much more than just filling open roles. We’re passionate about helping people to make life-changing decisions that positively impact their careers, companies, and communities. There’s a lot on the line with our line of work, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. This… Read more

How to Plan for Post-Covid Networking

Whether you’re sweating over the thought of the world opening again or sprinting to social gatherings, a lot has changed since we closed our doors for quarantine. With Covid-19 vaccines becoming more and more accessible, people are getting back to in-person events and we are being welcomed into a “new… Read more