Govig joins the HR Community at LEAP HR 2019

Written by: Kenzie Skold
Govig’s Biopharma team recently attended the LEAP HR 2019 East Coast Conference. This event draws leaders in human resources (HR) and talent acquisition (TA) together to discuss innovative ideas that will challenge traditional thinking on company culture, navigate the ever-changing life-science industry, and help companies attract the best candidates in this competitive environment. Nichole Schaeffer, chief People Strategy Officer for Insmed and conference speaker, describes LEAP as “The best life sciences HR conference there is, and the best way to connect with senior leaders in the same field.”
Govig is more than just a recruitment agency; we consult on a wide spectrum of solutions on multiple aspects of organizational development. At the conference, Govig’s Market Access, Marketing and Clinical Development recruiters met a wide variety of HR professionals from Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) to Talent Acquisition Managers. It is important for Govig to stay up to date with the overarching trends in the Biotech/Pharma HR sphere. Building strong relationships with hiring managers and Human Resources is key to our success.
While the conference focused mainly on HR, there was also a lot of time spent on talent acquisition. Breakout sessions allowed the team to engage in more comprehensive discussions with our business partners on a variety of themes. Topics ranged from utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency in HR processes to rethinking paid time off (PTO) and leave policies to make them more attractive to potential hires. Other areas of exploration included effective performance reviews; EID –Equity, Inclusion and Diversity; and compensation benchmarking.
Govig values building effective partnerships with both clients and candidates. Our Biopharma team is always available to discuss EID, HR innovation, “the war for talent,” compensation packages or any of the other topics presented at the conference. We are not just a vendor but an integral part of the HR community.

Quotes for Speakers at LEAP HR:
“Great energy, great exchanges. It was extremely valuable to learn about what others are doing in Life Sciences HR. What’s working? What’s not? And how can we be more courageous and more innovative in HR?”
Laura-Katrin Seitz, VP, Global Head of HR, Sanofi
“The best life sciences HR conference there is, and the best way to connect with senior leaders in the same field.”
Nicole Schaeffer, Chief People Strategy Officer, Insmed

Please click on the link below to watch the full video about the LEAP HR Conference:
LEAP HR Conference 2019