What’s the Top Trait We Look for in a Recruiter?

What’s the number one trait we look for in a recruiter?

We look for risk takers. How do we identify risk takers? We find that the risk-taking trait manifests itself in recruiters in three different ways.

The first way is how they tend to want to be paid for performance instead of having a set salary that’s oftentimes based more on tenure than anything else. Risk takers are people who want to work hard, log extra hours, spend extra energy, and are compensated accordingly.

The second way is in their relationships with people. The best recruiters tend to be themselves in the recruiting process—they don’t try to replicate somebody else’s style. They put their own personality into the process, and as a result, they’re very sincere and authentic and come across as trustworthy.

“Be yourself, but be louder.”

The third way is by being comfortable in a sales process where you don’t control everything. Our business is unlike a process that simply allows you to sell a specific product that has certain traits, features, and benefits that you can market. With our process, we’re selling a service that matches a candidate with a hiring authority. Both sides are represented by people who don’t always know exactly what they want until they see it. This means there’s a lot of human psychology involved, and our job can mimic that of a marriage broker—we help manage two people come to a conclusion to solve mutual needs and requirements.

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