How Your Hiring Process Impacts the Brand of Your Company

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Does your hiring process impact the brand of your company? The simple answer is yes.

Companies create marketing experiences for customers in order to drive positive engagement. They are now realizing that they need to do the same thing for the candidates that come through to interview.

Given that the candidate-driven market continues to be a reality for the executive, managerial, and professional labor levels, employers should give more consideration to the lasting impression that they leave.

Companies should really think about the interview process as a critical part of the strategy in communicating their brand and organizational culture. After all, applicants will communicate their interview experience in the marketplace through social media or conversations with their peers.

“Make sure that you have an efficient interview process.”

To make sure that your company’s hiring process is in line with its mission, values, and business goals, I recommend avoiding these two simple contradictions:

1. Having an inefficient interview process when the company claims to be cutting edge. It’s very important that when someone comes in for an interview, they know exactly who they will be interviewing with, why they are interviewing with that person, and how long the interview will take. The more buttoned-up that process is, the better the impression your company will have on the candidate. The candidate will believe that the company has strong communication skills, knows what they are looking for, and has the ability to get things done in a timely manner.

2. Taking too long to hire candidates when the company claims to value speed. When a company has people in the hiring process and cannot give them feedback or takes too long to get the candidate through the process, then the candidate thinks the company may not know how to make a decision. That can scare candidates away from a company because they want to know that when they are hired, it will be easy to get things done.

These two things seem very simple but can become very difficult to execute, especially if your company is bigger. Regardless of the size of your company, just remember that your hiring process can impact your company’s brand.

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