3 Questions That Lead to the Perfect Hire

Making a better hiring decision boils down to three questions you should ask yourself when interviewing any candidate for your organization.

First, can do they do the job? Do they have the mental ability, skill set, and personality to do the job well? If they don’t have the skill set to do the job well, do you have the ability to train them and teach them the required skills to get them up to speed quickly to give you a return on investment for that hire?

“The best candidate is not always the right candidate.”

Second, can they do the job long term? Do they have the aspirations to be at the job long term? If they don’t, do you have a timeline that aligns with theirs or can you give them additional responsibilities or a promotion to keep them engaged in your organization in the long term?

Finally, are they the right fit for the team? The best candidate is not always the right candidate. The team culture is very important, so they need to fit the mold and fit to the culture while also performing.

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