Bring These 7 Things to Any Job Interview

Today I’m going to be talking to you about seven things you ought to bring to every job interview.

1. Directions and contact information. If you’ve never been to the location of your interview before, it’s important to have directions to your interview ahead of time and also have the contact information of your interviewer. In the event that you run late, you can let them know.

2. Identification. Just in case, you should bring a form of identification to the interview.

3. Notepad and pen. During your interview, you may want to take notes, record addresses, and/or write some questions. You’ll look more prepared if you bring your own materials.

4. Resume. I would suggest bringing at least 3 copies of your most updated resume. If you’ve made any changes, you can let them know what changes you’ve made. Bring extra copies in case other interviewers decide to join the process.

5. References. Have 3 professional references to provide to your interviewer, including your relation to the reference and their contact information, such as a cell phone number or email address.

6. A portfolio. This can depend on the type of job you’re after, but it may be good to bring a portfolio of your past work. This can be in a folder, a binder, or a tablet-friendly website. It should be very organized and easily referenced during your interview. The contents will depend on the profession, but it should have quality examples of your work and accomplishments regardless.

7. Questions. After every job interview, you’re going to be asked if you have any questions. You should be prepared with at least two or three specific questions to ask, whether they’re about the culture of the company, the hiring process, expectations of the position, and so on. If you have questions ready, it’ll show that you’re both prepared for and interested in the position.

“If you have questions for your interviewer ready, it’ll show that you’re both prepared for and interested in the position”

A lot of things go through your head on the day of your interview; it’s important not to forget the small things because they could end up costing you the job or getting you the job.

If you have any questions for me, please reach out to me. I’d be glad to help you.