How Are Millennial Employees Different?

For the past 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to hire, train, and engage with Millennials.

There is a lot of negativity surrounding the subject of Millennials entering the workforce, but today I want to focus on some positives. Actually, millennials can bring a lot of benefits to a work place.

First of all, Millennials speak up about questions and concerns that past generations did not. This doesn’t mean they’re entitled, it just means they understand what they need in order to perform and be successful. Many times, Millennials simply want to understand the “why” of what they’re being told to do.

When I first joined the workforce, I wasn’t given that “why.” When I was assigned tasks, I was told to just do them, often without clear reason.

Millennials won’t just “go do” things. They want to understand why a given task is being asked of them, so that they can perform towards the best result.

“Millennials challenge the status quo because they’re always seeking out better alternatives.”

The second point I’d like to make is that millennials are disruptors. But, why is this a good thing?

I once had a supervisor tell me that it’s just because something had always been done one way, it doesn’t mean that the right way. That was a game changer for me. Millennials understand this. They challenge the status quo because they’re seeking out better alternatives.

Finally, Millennials are tech-savvy. In today’s technology-driven society, this is a great thing. Embracing the knowledge and skills of Millennial employees can be greatly beneficial to any business.

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