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Today we just wanted to speak a little bit about the numbers we’re seeing in the marketplace.

Right now, there are over 10,000 people leaving the workforce a day across all industries. That’s creating quite a challenge, especially in skilled nursing and senior housing. We have a growing demographic of seniors that will be reaching their peak (in terms of the number of the folks over age 65) by the year 2026.

According to Stojce Milosevski, one of our great Client Account Managers who recruits in the senior housing industry, it’s getting extremely difficult to find qualified talent. What makes things even more difficult in the senior housing industry is the regulation. Operators, clinical staff, etc., all have to be licensed in the specific state that they operate in. We aren’t able to move them around from state to state without having to renew their certification. It makes things a little more difficult.

“What is your talent acquisition process like?”

The question I’ve been asking a lot of my business partners about this talent shortage is, “What is your talent acquisition process like?” There are a lot of different ways to go here. Maybe you hired an outside search firm, or you have good relationships with local colleges and universities. Maybe you’ve developed an internal program to grow your own talent to help fill the void. Make sure your strategy is down pat. The more consistency you have there, the more effective you’ll be at bringing in top talent.

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