The Importance Of Metrics

Hi, my name is Neil Hefta, vice president with Govig Healthcare Group. Our team specializes in executive search in the senior housing industry nationwide. And today, I wanted to do a short video on metrics.

Knowing your metrics as a candidate when you are interviewing. Knowing your metrics as an employer or hiring manager when you’re trying to find the best person for your job. Have you ever seen the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt? It’s the movie about the Oakland Athletics and Billy Beane the general manager using analytics to get the best team on the field. They actually won 20 games that year in 2002. And, in 2004, using metrics and analytics, the Boston Red Sox beat the curse of Bambino and won the World Series.

So, this is not quite as dramatic, but we’re going to talk about just some of the key things you should do as a candidate when you go into an interview preparing. So, look back at your resume. That’s the first thing I would tell you to go back and look at your resume and then look at those key successes that you’ve had.

There are four areas that I really focus in on. One is quality outcomes. What were your results as a nursing home administrator? Or an operations director? Or a DON?

Two is the financial outcomes. How do they improve the net operating income? How did you improve the expenses in terms of the financials?

Three is customer service and resident satisfaction. How did you improve in those areas?

And then lastly, would be just overall occupancy and census drivers. How did you do in those areas? These are the four key areas as a candidate if you’re going into an interview if you can look back find the success stories, and then share the metrics results. I think that is going to give you a huge competitive advantage. Now on the employer side as a hiring manager, I would say that when you create that job description and you’re trying to find the best candidate.

One of the things you want to do is figure out, “what are the key metrics for that job you’re hiring for?” And then tailor questions for that particular candidate or candidates when they come in so you get the best hire. Moneyball? I don’t know. Asking good questions that evolve around metrics? I think that’s important as a candidate telling your story and sharing your successes and providing some quantitative results. I think that it’s all going to help and I wish you the best.