How to Leverage Social Media

Hi, my name is Neil Hefta, vice president with Govig Healthcare Group. I have been an executive recruiter since 1998 actually worked in the nursing home industry as an administrator. And today I wanted to share a fun video from a recruiters perspective of 20 years on the value of LinkedIn. Both for employers and candidates. 

It’s pretty obvious; social media is important to put your name out there. I think from an employers perspective and if I am advising as a recruiter, it’s important to have content out on LinkedIn on social media for several reasons.

One, obviously, is to share your story of successes. Sharing your culture, your vision. This is going to give you ties to candidates in the marketplace that you otherwise may not have ties to. I looked at LinkedIn as a long-term investment in social media. You may not see the initial residual results, but over time, you are going to get the return. So, as an employer, obviously, you can share testimonials from employees who’ve had great experiences with residents, maybe a vision piece from a CEO.

These are things that I think can put your name out there in a very positive light and give you that competitive advantage. Not only to draw again the best candidates but to help with your customer base as well. 

And then as a candidate, LinkedIn is valuable in terms of making connections with people across your industry. Again, it is a long-term play, not a short-term play in terms of making those connections. 

I would say that being involved with industry groups that are on LinkedIn would be of value. Sharing content where you can, highlighting your successes as a candidate would be important as well, so, you want to fill out the profile as thoroughly as possible. So, it’s pretty straightforward nothing rocket science here.

I would say, as an employer, build your brand for the long haul on LinkedIn. Have great content, show your story or successes and how great you are. As a candidate highlight your successes and what you’ve done and get connected with others that you can partner with for years to come. I wish you the best.