What Candidates Tell Recruiters

Hi, my name is Jessica Penney and I am an executive recruiter here at Govig and Associates. I specialize in the building products industry, especially working closely with window and door companies, nationwide.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about what candidates tell recruiters, that they do not typically tell their future employers. 

I feel candidates are more open to talk to recruiters because we have that first connection with them. And then, they start to trust us and move on to that future employer.

So, the first thing that I wanted to talk to you about is that candidates will rarely talk negatively about their past or current companies. And since this is not discussed, it is hard for that new company to know what type of culture that candidate is going to thrive in.

Secondly, personal issues are rarely discussed. And this can be hurtful for that new company because we don’t know how that new candidate is going to perform.

Third, compensation is not usually discussed until the end of the interview process. So, often times we find that people are in this long interview process and then companies cannot crunch numbers together to attract that candidate.

And finally, counter offers are rarely ever discussed. And count offers are not at an all-time high right now, because companies do not want to lose their employers. So this can be difficult for that company, so counter offers are usually only discussed with the working with the recruiter. And, it is going to be hard to understand if that candidate knows that risk is, or if they are going to take that counter offer.

So, it’s definitely an advantage to have that right advocate in your corner with that right recruiter.