Why You Should Speak to a Recruiter

Hi, my name is Jacob Harris, and I am TJ Decker.

We’re executive recruiters at Govig and Associates, and we’re specialized in the commercial interior space nationally.

Today we wanted to talk to you about the importance of taking a recruiters call, and how the purpose of our call, is to be a resource to you in many ways. 

As TJ mentioned we both work in the commercial interior space and we are making over a hundred calls every single day to both clients and candidates in the marketplace. What that means is we are first-hand witnessing industry trends and having conversations with people who are happily employed, but, would be interested in hearing about opportunities as we come across them. Even if you aren’t hiring now, or have any hiring needs currently, it could be beneficial to speak with either of us about roles that you might be forecasting to add to your team whether that be later on in the year or as the new year approaches. That way we are aware of the type of person that you’d be looking to hear about, you can reach out when the time comes.

And not only could we be a resource to a hiring manager or client, but also to candidates. So, a lot of people we talk to, are happy where they are at, but they’d like to see what else is out there. That is why it is important to have a conversation with us, even if you are content in your current role, you never know what could happen to you tomorrow, whether that’s professionally or personally. 

So by talking to us, we can understand what you value the most in a potential new opportunity and can always make you aware of things that we come across that might peak your interest. Not to mention, we come across plenty of resumes every single day, so, I can definitely consult you with any advice on formatting, or, what to include if you’re trying to target certain company or industries

Again, we are not just trying to sell you on a job that we’re working on or to buy into our services. We want to do more than that and build relationships throughout our industry every day.

If you’d like to connect, just give us a call. Our numbers are located in the description of this video below. Also, add us both on LinkedIn to stay on top of industry trends in commercial interiors.

Thanks for listening.

TJ Decker
[email protected] 

Jacob Harris
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