The Value of Trade shows

I wanted to continue the discussion with effective marketing strategies.

All of these tips should be used in tandem.

So, we’ve got “MPC marketing” finding those impact players, critically important.

Building your brand through social media, doing a post, just getting active in those areas. Do more today than you did yesterday in these areas.

Lastly, but just as important, attending tradeshows. Having in-person visits with potential new customers. Visiting clients that you’ve done business with in person. I think that is not the norm. We’re doing a lot of phone business, but, having that in-person connection can take the relationship and your business opportunities to the next level.

I’ll give you an example. So, I go to trade shows consistently every year, multiple trade shows. And, so, I look at it almost like magazine publications. If you do it once, I don’t think you are going to get the return. But, if you make a commitment that you’re going to do it year-end and year-out, clients and people in the business know that you’re in the know, and the perception is that you are an expert in the industry. So, that’s one reason I would attend the tradeshows.

Two, it looks as if though you’re giving back. And you are, you’re paying a membership fee or due, and I think there is something to be said for being actively involved in your industry. I would say the other area is just the chance to meet decision-makers, shaking someone’s hand. You’re not necessarily selling, but you have a chance to meet that CEO that you weren’t able to connect with over the phone. And I do that, and then I follow up in a month and say, “Hey John I met you at the trade show, and it starts a conversation. My end objective is to get a call scheduled to walk through our process, but also to learn about what their organization is looking for in a recruiting partner.

I’ll give you a quick example. I did that a few years ago at a trade show where it was a CEO that I was unable to reach through email or phone calls. I had a handshake meeting at the conference and followed up a couple of weeks later. We ended up doing about a quarter of a million dollars in recruitment fees over the next couple of years. So, I’ve seen the return through the trade shows. I’ve seen the return through the “impact player marketing” the PCA calls. And, also, with the branding.

I think that if you incorporate all three of these and get a little better at each one, you’ll see a big return for your desk and future success in a lot of placements.