New President at the Helm of Govig & Associates

Todd Govig announced recently that Hadley Gayles has been promoted to president of Govig & Associates. The office was launched in 1978 by Todd’s parents, Dick and Jan Govig, and has consistently been a top performer in the MRINetwork. We caught up with Hadley to talk about the path that brought him to this exciting new venture.


What first led you to Govig & Associates back in 2008?

When the company I was working for in retail management announced they were closing all their stores, I saw it as an opportunity to explore other career avenues. I had no idea what executive recruitment was, but when I interviewed with Govig & Associates, I felt I was being offered a proven path to achieve success. Ultimately, like so many of us in the Network, I fell into recruiting and never left.

What has your progression looked like over the past 12 years? 

I was initially hired to start a contract staffing division within the IT sector. After nine months and the 2008 recession, we dissolved our IT staffing division, and I was offered a role as a 360 recruiter within our healthcare division.  When we transitioned to a team model, I focused on business development and my partner, Carolyn Deegan, worked on the fulfillment side. In 2014, I was promoted to Billing Sales Manager supporting a team of seven recruiters, and in 2017, I accepted the role of Senior Vice President of our healthcare division leading a team of 22. In September of 2020 Todd began a four-month sabbatical and asked me to step into the Interim President role. He has since offered me the president position permanently, which I accepted.

What does this promotion mean to you?

This promotion is an opportunity to serve and support our company. I initially moved to management because I enjoy being able to give individuals the same opportunity I had when I started at Govig. One of our sayings within the office is “we change lives every day,” which applies not only to our clients and candidates but to our own people. It is gratifying to see new hires who are getting their first taste of success or the recruiter who just achieved Pacesetter for the first time. In this new role, I hope to continue to see this happen across the organization. This promotion is also an opportunity for me to develop and stretch myself.

What has this past year taught you?

It’s been tough.  This downturn wasn’t the first one the firm has weathered and it won’t be our last. One of the most important lessons to take away is to keep great staff. We understand that if we can retain our team and get through this, there is a huge upswing on the other side.  This year we were grateful to hire throughout the summer as well as retain our existing teams.

What do you love most about the firm and the team?

We are a tight-knit community. I started in the business when I was 25 years old. Our average tenure for the organization is over seven years. Because of that, I feel I’ve grown up in the business and created lifelong connections with many of our employees. We’ve witnessed each other get married, have kids, go through personal struggles, and achieve successes.  The Govigs are from a small town in Iowa, and I feel their ethics and values are embraced throughout the organization.

What is your primary focus heading into the new year?

We recognize the importance of incorporating a digital evolution into our business. In recent months, we’ve rolled out Joe Mullings’ 10-4-2 method across the company, and we are beginning to see an uptick in our digital footprint and branding. We’re focused on growing our online presence and thought leadership.  We’re also making a concentrated effort to grow the contract staffing of our business and have added two new hires to our interim team. In 2021 we expect to see substantial growth both in our digital inbound marketing as well as contract staffing.


Please join us in congratulating Hadley and the whole Govig & Associates team on this wonderful achievement and new chapter. There is a lot we can learn from Hadley’s career path to date, and we have no doubt we will continue learning from him in his new role as President.