We Change Lives Everyday ft. Claudia Harris

Here at Govig, executive recruitment means so much more than just filling open roles. We’re passionate about helping people to make life-changing decisions that positively impact their careers, companies, and communities. There’s a lot on the line with our line of work, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. This ability to change people’s lives is what drives us to do our best, day in and day out.

Nothing feels better than finding the perfect match between a client and a candidate. Recently, Claudia Harris, an executive recruiter here at Govig & Associates, had the chance to experience this firsthand. Camelot Homes is a luxury custom home builder here in Arizona that has been connected to our organization for many years through their long-standing relationship with our Vice President, Bess Cadwell. They came to us with the need to hire a Director of HR, which was a brand-new position for the company. All it took was a 30-minute phone call with Adrienne Olcott for Claudia to realize she struck gold. We interviewed Claudia to learn more about how she helped both Adrienne and Camelot Homes find their perfect matches.

Describe your first conversation with Adrienne. What made you realize she was a great fit for the role?

Originally, I called her, and it went to voicemail. (Typical in the life of a recruiter!) So, I sent her a quick message as well. We scheduled a time to have a brief chat and right away, it didn’t feel like a usual candidate call. We immediately connected and the conversation flowed naturally. I refuse to push people into roles, and she wasn’t trying to sell me on her skills and abilities. Adrienne was currently employed and wasn’t actively looking. However, by the end of the call, I was excited to hear her say that she was considering the potential opportunity! In getting to know Adrienne better, it was evident she is the type of person who will take the time and really analyze the opportunity. We continued with several follow-up conversations to thoroughly vet if this is a match for Adrienne and Camelot.

How has this position positively impacted Adrienne’s life and career?

When I met Adrienne, she was already very well established in her career in a director-level role. However, she was originally from New York and always knew she wanted to retire here in Arizona. When we reached the end of our process and were finalizing everything, she told me, “This checks off all the boxes of everything I wanted for Arizona.” It was a perfect match.

What were some of those boxes that the position checked?

It wasn’t even about the money; it was more about the company itself. Adrienne wanted to be somewhere where she could see herself staying for the long run. She genuinely felt like Camelot was the perfect employer based on the size of the company as well as the amazing culture that exists there. At Camelot, the C-suite cares about its employees as though they are truly family. They come from a more casual blue-collar industry, but they balance it with a polished edge. It’s very relaxed yet professional at the same time. Most importantly, they manage to have a lot of fun. They are extremely prideful of the work they do – which they should be! I’ve never seen such beautiful homes.

What did Adrienne gain from the experience?

She has a passion for interior design and now finally has a career that taps into that passion. She wasn’t actively looking for anything related to design or construction, but this amazing opportunity fell into her lap because of the tools and resources we used to find her and identify her as the right fit for the role.

How did it feel to know you helped someone land a dream role?

Hearing the feedback from the client, it was amazing to see the perfect match that there was. They even asked me, “What’s the catch? She’s too good to be true.” It was so satisfying to watch the candidate and client come together and recognize the shared value from both sides. Adrienne really felt like my “gold star” candidate.

What obstacles did you help the client overcome?

Since Camelot never had an HR Director before, our team was able to step in as a business partner, guiding them through the process and managing their expectations for this new role. Once we found Adrienne, it was clear that this was exactly what they needed.

What aspect of recruiting do you love the most?

I think it’s the fact that I get to connect with such great individuals and professionals here locally in Arizona. I’m excited to see where these relationships can go in the future. The connections I’m making now will last for years to come.

How do you hope to help future clients/candidates?

I hope to help more candidates to find careers that check all their boxes as I did with Adrienne. Whether it be career advancement, company culture, great location, etc. I just want to help make people’s lives better. For clients, I hope to give my experience and advice to business owners and consult them through the hiring process to help them achieve their strategic goals.

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