Building Your Personal Brand


Personal branding is an effective way to establish credibility. By showcasing your separate passions to your audience, recruiters access a larger, more diverse candidate pool. There are around 4.74 billion social media users worldwide, representing 59.3 percent of the global population. With such saturated social media platforms, it has become vital to focus on individual branding and understand its ability to target untapped audiences and generate engagement. Around 74% of American consumers are more likely to trust someone with a respected personal brand. This emphasizes who you are to current candidates and clients and expands your candidate market, giving you access to new possibilities. In addition, building a solid personal brand will attract new business and networks for yourself and your organization.

Why is Personal Branding So Important?

Potential clients and candidates will not engage with a generic, underdeveloped post that provides them no added value. Developing a consistent content calendar and scheduling posts for your social media platforms allows you to present your knowledge in your respective field and a niche that differentiates you from your competitors. Establishing your brand should be a high priority as we kick off 2023. Audiences are more likely to engage with content that has merit and is relevant to their lives. By showcasing a personalized niche within your company role, you create an offshoot of individuals who will consume and interact with your content and keep coming back for more.

How to Stand Out

Creating valuable and informative content for your network may seem daunting. After all, why should they listen to what you have to say? Well, consider what angle you can take that will make people more interested in what you and your company offer. Find something you are passionate about and make it a part of your daily routine. Find ways to excite your audience and show them your unique personality. Being authentic and showcasing a niche your audience can connect with is essential. Incorporating personal values and passions will prompt genuine connections that will open up the candidate pool. Authenticity fosters long-lasting professional relationships. It has been found that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands (entrepreneurs). So, play off of that! Reach out if you see something or someone you feel a connection to. Feel free to start conversations with your network. Before you start, consider running a poll to gather data on what types of content your followers want to see from you. The goal is to stand out from the crowd while maintaining your level of industry relatability.

Take Control

Taking control of your online perception enables your platform as a recruiter. Treat your brand as a first impression for new candidates and consider what will grab and keep their attention. Influencing an audience creates power, keeping your network from finding influence elsewhere. It takes around five to seven impressions for someone to remember your brand. Consistency will increase exposure to your audience, making your brand accessible and memorable. Maintaining a consistent and striking online presence will enhance personal and professional recognition.


Overall, creating a personal brand is more beneficial now than ever before. LinkedIn is a unique platform, with 77% of recruiters using it to reach out to potential candidates. That other 23 percent must be accessed elsewhere. Utilizing all social media platforms, and catering them to fit your needs, will strengthen your brand and generate new business. The relationships you build and maintain in life are what matters most.

So, one question remains. How will you establish your personal brand this year?

By: Carsen Kenny, Recruiting Associate in partnership with Aisha Kaddi, Marketing Associate



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